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facebook login cordova

The Facebook Connect plugin to obtain access to the native FB application on iOS cordova platform add android cordova -d plugin add login (permissions). I successfully use this plugin. Let's have a look on it. Contribute to cordova -plugin- facebook development by creating an account on Cordova >= ; iOS and Android; Login, Graph Requests, App Events. Log In Sign Up. I will explain you why I think this approach is the best you can take. If they are already logged in, there is no need to login again, and the api method can be called. Thanks Christophe, I was missing the inappbrowser plugin perhaps you can update the readme in your git repo to include this instruction. Anyone, please help me.

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How to use cordova facebook plugin in Ionic 2 apps. Thanks for the reply. This script was amazing and works perfect. For my clients production apps I use Strongloop. Sign up or log in to customize your list. I pushed a fix for a bug where the login window was not closing when the token was received too fast:

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It works well for the first time login my application via facebook login. After almost 3 days i can say that this worked for me, thank you very much for sharing. Premium support is for mission-critical environments that have a strategic dependence on Bluemix. Mobile apps require a different authentication strategy than web apps or websites. Dont give valid OAUTH redirect URIs in advanced tab. Introduction Congratulations, you have made a great decision by choosing Ionic to build your app. Hi, I able to run this is Browser. It comes with token based authentication and an AngularJS SDK that works smoothly in your Ionic app. Those solutions about setting the https: Please check out the App Invites Overview before using this. But Inside the app after fb login credentials are entered, gives a white screen and in my console the following errors comes up. I am creating a phonegap application where login with facebook to be used. No need to give app domains. Very cool deal to not have to use the facebook plugin and have to debug in the emulators. Chornovola Ave, 59, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine. I am still however logged into FB. My hardcoded solution was to set by default the deviceready variable to true. We are having the same issues? If you are not able to respond within 1 hour, Support reserves the right to reduce the severity. At this point you should have an Ionic app with Facebook login and logout functionalities working. You can continue to use service instances that you already have until the service is no longer supported. All CordovaFacebook methods accept exactly one argument: A string array of permissions your app will require.


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